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Welccome To Best Buy Investment Propeties

On a daily basis we market and lease properties, handle all maintenance calls and daily work orders, renovate properties, administer accounts payables through our owners' accounts and generate monthly owners' reports.

We also communicate with and market to all local and out-of-town real estate companies, major corporations, relocation firms and small businesses that need our assistance.

Knowledge Of The Local Real Estate Market
As realtors with our roots in South florida area,we pride ourselves on always making the needs of our clients’ top priority when leasing, listing, and selling or researching investment opportunities. Our experience in the local business environment, coupled with my commitment to my clients, enables Realty Management, Inc. to provide excellent services in all phases of the real estate transaction.

Affiliation With Realty Management
Best buy properties Management is the first point of contact for investors and individuals relocating to and from East Tennessee. Our company reaches a broader spectrum of buyers and sellers than the average real estate company, and we pride ourselves on our "team" approach to real estate sales and investments. Our team locates property, evaluates property relative to the resale value, and conducts preliminary screening and inspection of property to insure a perfect match for the investor.

Best buy properties Management specializes in impersonalized attention and offers full service when working with owners, tenants and investors. The owner and director of Realty Management,communicating and marketing to all local and out of town real estate companies, major corporations, relocation firms and small businesses that are in need of our services.

As a property management company, we go the extra mile to match property owners to tenants. If a tenant ultimately becomes a buyer, we work out every detail of the purchase, and attend to all particulars of the transaction. We employ the hands on approach from listing to closing, always making the best interests of the client a top priority.

Access To Latest Technology
Best buy Management accesses the latest technology when leasing, listing, selling and researching investment opportunities. This includes utilizing our own website, Internet access to all MLS listings, Homes Magazine, and while incorporating aggressive and consistent marketing techniques. In addition, Realty Management maintains current database of investors that can be readily accessed and matched to available properties according to location and appreciation rate, re-sale value, style and type (condo, residential, commercial, multi-units, lots and acreage).

Highest Ethical And Moral Standards
Best buy properties Management holds itself to the highest ethical and moral standards in every transaction, and maintains a professional atmosphere in all situations relative to listing, selling and investment of property. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with investors and clients not only on the local level, but out of state and internationally as well.

Closing Remarks
There are many advantages to property ownership and investing that we will be happy to discuss with you in detail as your realtors. In selecting Realty Management, you will have the opportunity to work with a specialized team that will be working in your interest by providing the attention to detail that is often not afforded by larger real estate companies.

We look forward to setting up a time to meet with you soon to discuss your real estate needs. Contact us today.

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